No other billing system can compare with Kobi in terms of …

  • Implementation time- thanks to the robust mechanisms of data import and synchronization and carefully designed interface we have achieved exceptionally short implementation time, which translates into lower costs of implementation and subsequent maintenance;
  • Integration capabilities – Built-in data import mechanisms from Active Directory, files, SQL and LDAP databases, as well as the ability to export data and interact with users, easily integrate tariffs with other systems used in the organization;
  • Flexibility and versatility – With the use of “customizable definitions” and graphical billing diagrams, we have reached a level of versatility and configuration flexibility that is inaccessible in competing systems, which translates into ease of adaptability to the specific needs of each user;
  • Functionality – exceptional functionality of our products enables you to accomplish any tasks related to the processing, pricing and reporting of telephone, fixed and mobile telephone call data;
  • Telephone traffic analysis – the system implements functionality to compare billing operators in detail, automatically bill invoices along with all costs, analyze busy rates, and calculate MOS for VoIP connections;