WebReporter module is designed to generate reports using a web browser.

The data are retrieved directly from the database system Kobi. WebReporter enables user authentication by entering username and password, or automatically using an LDAP database (domain login). Rights management is performed from the browser.


It is possible to give the user the power to several different levels of sublevels, without sublevels or selected lines – therefore has the ability to limit access rights to generate reports for appropriate levels of the organization.

Access to data can be done using a secure https protocol, login can be integrated with Active Directory.

All these reports can be made for extensions and project codes. The structures created in billing system are automatically presented in the reporting application.

For all reports, you can use a wide set of filters that allow you to make multiple selections. This makes it possible to configure a report in accordance with the requirements of the user. You can select any number of levels or lines in different branches of the organizational structure. All reports can be saved to Excel files, allowing the possibility of further processing.

Sample reports:
  • The total for extension structure – as a result of the report to obtain the subtotals for sublevels and lines in a level for which the report is generated;
  • The total for extensions without considering the levels of the organizational structure – allows you to do a report for all lines located at the organizational level, and all sub-levels;
  • A detailed report for the specified level – the result of the report is completed by a set of calls assigned to all lines in the specified level and it’s sub-levels;
  • A detailed report for extensions – to generate a set of calls for specific extensions;
  • The most expensive calls – displays the 50 most expensive calls;
  • Longest calls – displays the 50 longest calls;
  • Most frequently dialed numbers – displays the 50 most frequently dialed numbers;
  • The highest amount for extensions – displays the 50 highest aggregated amounts for the extension;
Sample Screenshots: