Innovative approach to billing and modern architecture allowed us to prepare a modern and secure billing system.

The most important advantages of our system are:
  • The ability to define multiple organizational structures of the same type. It is possible to build ex: a grouping structure according to their geographic location and division of the business into departments, divisions, etc. or division into cost centers. Each user can make reports based on an individual structure
  • Choice of installer in selected language (Polish, English) and system architecture allowing to quickly prepare additional language versions,
  • The ability to distribute telecommunication services cost to individual cost centers through multiple organizational structures of the same type,
  • Client-server architecture, billing system work as Microsoft Windows system service and data processing (parsing source data, pricing, reporting) in real time,
  • The parsing of records (analysis and loading of source data from the control panel) uses regular expressions, making it universal so that it can be tailored to the needs of the client without the need for additional development work,
  • Unlike other billing systems, it is possible, for example, to set a degressive tariff (decreasing as the length of a call is extended) with the variable cost of the tariff unit and how the units are charged. The process can take into account the tariff discounts both fixed and discounts whose size depends on the sum of specific combinations,
  • System can take into account the possibility of free minutes, discounts, or per second billing, and ex: setting tariffs decreasing,
  • Increase the efficiency of administration and support billing system with the ability to import / export parsers definitions (PBXes), diagrams (operator tariffs) and reports
  • Reports versatility, system can create virtually any type of report, due to the formation of report definition in a dynamic manner.
  • Identification of special numbers allows call handling both personal and business, as well as the assignment of any type of call based on the dialed number,
  • Unlimited number of data sources (the number of PBX’s in the system is not licensed)
  • Unlimited number of tariffs of operators and preserving the history of their changes,
  • The ability to attach additional functions (existing or created on individual customer’s request) through the mechanism of function import without changing the version (upgrade) of the billing system
  • Support for all types of calls (internal, outgoing, incoming, transit, transferred, conference, VoIP), additional types of calls can be created directly in the system,
  • Unique way of collection, mediation and standardization of input data allows for import from many different sources in TXT and CSV files, database systems like Microsoft SQL Server or Access and internal Cisco CallManager
  • Possibility of exporting reports to TXT, CSV or Excel with or without the use of templates (data in Excel can be presented as values or as a graph), the installation of Microsoft Excel is not required,
  • The ability to define cost of call sale which allows differentiation of the cost for customers and suppliers in order to generate the revenue of the company,
  • Open system architecture that allows to extend the functionality with additional modules and integration with ERP and CRM applications,
  • Integrated reporting module that allows to automate the process of reporting, writing to files, or sending by e-mail
  • High performance system, allows for reliable, rapid processing of large amounts of data,
  • Systems are made using the latest Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft ASP.NET using IIS server, providing very high performance and stability of operation,
  • Cooperation with the database system Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 operating systems and Windows 2000 / XP / Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7 and further,