Telecom auditing is the best known way to reduce and rationalize the costs of telecommunications.

Many years of experience in the field of calculation and control of telecommunications costs helped to expand our business profile with telecommunication auditing.Auditing is a service that is based on an independent and thorough analysis of services and products available on the Polish telecommunications market.

Telecommunication Auditing is also a recommendation of optimal solutions that meet the needs of the enterprise. As a result, the audit allows up to 30% cost reduction of telecommunication services in the company.

The key to the success of modern enterprises is appropriate choice of telecommunication solutions. It is no coincidence that spending on telecommunications services have become one of the most important items in the budget of the entire company. That field should be more closely examined and managed in the search of optimal solutions.

Extremely rapid development of ICT and dynamically changing operators offer mean that companies find it increasingly difficult to effectively and safely manage the telecommunications infrastructure. For developed market this type of task is performed by specialized external consulting company. This is usually a cheaper and more effective solution. Our company is able to effectively assist in this task by the telecommunication auditing.

“The share of telecommunications in a typical enterprise is so large that their optimization noticeably affects the overall financial result.” (Jan Guja Computerworld 2004)

Professionally conducted an audit of the telecommunications system enables:
  • Reduce operational costs;
  • Recovery of amounts overpaid to operators;
  • Detection of internal and external fraud;
  • Reduce the risk of abuse in the future;
  • The increase in the level of information security;
  • Long-term optimization of the use of infrastructure;
  • Guaranteed return on investment;
The most typical steps of a reliable audit:
  • Data collection – detailed call billing of fixed and mobile operators, data from the PBX, copies of invoices for telecommunications services
  • Recognizing the current needs of the customer – the stage of consultation with the client in order to properly identify his needs, for the most accurate advice
  • The report – realization of the preliminary report
  • Preliminary analysis of the results – presentation of the preliminary results of the customer and collection of the opinions and suggestions, regarding among others, directions for desired optimization,
  • Full analysis of the results and presentation of proposals and recommendations for change, including all previous Customer’s suggestions
  • An estimate of the possible cost reduction per year,
  • Supervision of the implementation of recommendations

We realize the importance of information processed during the audit process, and therefore in the agreement we undertake to maintain absolute secrecy and return all data and documents after the audit is finalized. Only the team directly involved in the audit process have access to the data provided by the customer. Telecommunication auditing is finalized with the report, describing the telecommunications system and recommended actions, together with a detailed calculation of savings. The changes we propose are primarily aimed at reducing costs, but we also care about preserving call quality. It is also important for us not to change the existing numbering in the company.

Cost of telecommunication auditing, namely the development and implementation of solutions, leading to a reduction in service costs is calculated as a commission from the savings generated for a period of four months after the implementation of the recommended changes usually, so that the Customer does not incur any cost but only a “divides” savings.