MultiStreamer is an application for collecting the data provided by the PBXes, routers, switches, metering data buffers, etc..

This software can be an alternative to the costly billing data buffering equipment.

The software allows you to retrieve data from the server:
  • FTP (FTP client session);
  • SFTP (SFTP client session);
  • TFTP (TFTP client session);
  • TCP (TCP client session);
  • TCP (TCP server type session);
  • SQL (communication session with the Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle SQL Server databases);
  • CCM (Cisco CallManager communication session);
  • COM (data retrieve session from the serial port)
  • iBuffer (data transmission session from iBuffer buffers)
  • application run (custom application session)

Fully customizable and independently operating sessions enable the collection of data from an unlimited number of locations. The application runs as a Windows service and does not require user logged on for the system to work.


Powerful alarm module helps to control application work and status, you can send an e-mail alarms caused by lack of connection to the server or lack of data for transmission. Furthermore, the program allows you to send periodic notifications about the system status.

Alternative for hardware devices

The software allows you to replace expensive equipment gathering billing data, as applied technologies provide stable and trouble-free operation. The system notifies the administrator about the status of services; allows for a very high availability of the entire system and its monitoring.

The system works perfectly, among others, with PBX’s by Siemens OpenScape Voice and HiPath 3xxx and 4xxx series, Genesys SIP Server, Cisco CallManager, Microsoft Lync, Interactive Intelligence, Avaya and Alcatel 4400.

Sample screenshots: