The implementation, what it really means?

The term “implementation” describes the whole process including the identification of user needs, preparation of a solution design, installation and launching of the designed system.

The next step is to control the correctness of the implementation and the introduction of necessary modifications to the system configuration. The entire implementation process of the billing system may take up to three months depending on the complexity of the project.

After the implementation of the system is transferred to the user and can be taken into the care service effected on the basis of the SLA.

Subject to completion of successful implementation is very accurate identification of needs and the preparation of such a system design to meet all the requirements. With years of experience, our engineers are able to work effectively with users to identify functional needs.

We encourage you to check our billing system!

We offer the possibility of installing a preview version at the Customer location in order to familiarize yourself with the functionality and advantages of the system. Installation is performed using real data from the Customer’s PBX, usually to calculate the cost of calls standard operator’s fare is used and the process of installation and configuration is done remotely.

Installing the preview does not incur any costs for the customer, it is carried out entirely free of charge.