Billing benefits:

  • The location of the sites that generate the highest call costs;
  • Reduce company costs, including through private call reporting;
  • Fraud detection by telecommunications operators;
  • Analysis of the actual use of employee telephones;
  • Possibility of settling invoices from telecommunications operators;
  • Possibility of limit introduction;
  • Telecommunication traffic intensity analysis;
  • Possibility of centralizing the system and retrieving data also from the company’s branch offices;
  • Possibility of importing billings from mobile operators to the billing system;
  • Ability to report all types of calls generated by the PBX;

Billing cost analysis:

The document presents the implementation of the billing system for one of our Clients and the benefits of billing and cost analysis of the investment in this particular case. Keep in mind that this is an exemplary analysis. Not for every customer return on investment is most important. Often, non-measurable benefits such as increased supervision over telecommunications traffic are more important. Details of the project are located here.